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I'm so pissed off, I keep getting subscriptions to magazines I don't want. for example "Instyle" magazine! I called them and they told me the subscription was made trough "Valuemags". I think valuemags took my information from when I ordered some makeup trough elf cosmetics. This is so annoying, they are closed right now and I'm stuck here just wandering what happened and "AM I PAYING FOR THIS... Read more

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I had started receiving Instyle magazines in the mail out of no where. I went to the Instyle website and when I attempted to cancel the subscription, the message said I had to cancel through a company called Valuemags. I searched up Valuemags online and seen that it is somewhat of a scam. Thanks to a review left by another scammed victim, I located their number (1-800-301-9619) and called to... Read more

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On the website I learned that my subscription came from I have never ordered it. I tried to cancel through but they said I needed to go through value mags. I called them and was told it was a free gift from a florist I had used online. They will cancel it and I will never use that florist again. But because the labels are printed for several months in advance, I... Read more

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I started receiving "Parents" magazine that I didn't order. No use for it as I'm not a parent and no one I know wants it. When I contacted "Parents" magazine, I was told that they would suspend my subscription and have contacted "Value Mags" about canceling the subscription. If I was going to subscribe to a magazine, why wouldn't I subscribe to one I could actually USE. Definitely smells like... Read more

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I have been receiving vogue magazines that I NEVER SUBSCRIBED FOR!! I want my money returned to me now or I'm going to have to take legal action. Read more

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I also rec'd several magazines that I didn't order and I was confused by this? I went and searched around to find out what the Hey? I did go on the mag websites and finally found this was the company that was doing the sending. I want to make sure I was not chg'd for these magazines. I don't like waste so I am a big recycle person, so I just can't throw away if someone could use them. Why do I... Read more

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i started receiving Time magazine in the mail...which I never subscribed to..I called Time magazine customer service and they stated they couldn't cancel it because ValueMag took the subscription out in my name. I contacted ValueMag online and told them I never took the subscription out and I wanted it cancelled immediately. They responded with an email with a complaint number, and stated they... Read more

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I have been sent magazines I never ordered and subscriptions have been made in my name. The company telephone just blows you off and sends you to the website. This is bull. This company should not be able to do this to people. If any charges are filed to my credit cards i will sue this company. How can a company just sign you up for things? I never even heard of this company let alone, subscribed... Read more

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I started receiving TIME magazine out-of-the-blue, with my name and address on the lable. Upon calling TIME, I was informed that TIME was unable to cancel my subscription, because it was ordered by a 3rd party, namely ValueMags, and that I had to call them to cancel the subscription. I insisted that the TIME clerk put in the NOTES that I personally cancelled, that I never ordered TIME, and that... Read more

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Received time magazine in the mail that I did not order. Experiencing difficulty getting this cancelled. Tried to cancel online and couldn't. Tried to call and speak with someone and couldn't. Had to go to time's website where I saw that value ads ordered me a subscription. Not sure why this website requires a one hundred words to be able to file a complaint as it makes no sense. I recommend... Read more

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