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I received a magazine with an address label saying I have a 1 year subscription. Never ordered this magazine. I called the magazine and was told the order came from an agency called ValueMags. Never heard of them.

I know my name was bought from something I ordered from a catalog,because my 1st name was wrong. Let's see if they try to send me a bill.......I'll rip them a new a** hole.

Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. If so, how did you handle it?

By the way, the company that sold my name was

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Dixmont, Maine, United States #1222565

just read your rant while I am sitting here ranting that I do not remember ordering In Style Magazine. Not anything I would want to order. So I guess I don't have to book into the nearest nursing home's not my bad's some kind of a scam...I will not pay either...don't want this magazine nor do I want to recycle it every month.

Toledo, Ohio, United States #1218658

Same thing happened to me today, came home to find a TIME magazine in my mailbox. Went online to TIME and found out that i had an account made by !!!

Called valuemags immediately at 800-301-9619 Spoke to Emma and she cancelled my service saying she doesn't have any of my credit cards or billing information on the account that it was a gift from

I immediately called my bank and had my credit card cancelled and a new one sent out. Will be filling complaints with BBB and the State Attorney General & Will be monitoring my monthly statements and never do business with that company again!

Florida, United States #928761

Keep getting peoples magazine never ordered it same thing value mags stolevmy information, bank and charging illegally they are committing fraud everyone needs to turn them in to put them out of business and ending in jail

Brooklyn, New York, United States #868958

I received a copy of "all you" today but I never signed up for said magazine. I called "all you" they told me a company named "Value Mags " gave them my information for free year.

I tried calling the number they provided but could only leave via phone or email. I then came across all complaints regarding "value mags" and noticed the mention of "elf makeup" a company I have been ordering from them for years. I googled and found this link that stated you get a free 1yrs "all You" with purchase of $25 off elf makeup site.. This is not the only magazine you elf is issuing with their online deals.

Going to make sure they do not send me anymore copy's or try to bill me and will be making sure I uncheck any/ all boxes if I make anymore make up orders.


ValueMags told me that the People subscription i was recieving was included with my recent purchase from For You Flowers. They cancelled it right away and said they did not have my credit card info and it would not have auto renewed. Still, shady biz practice that they don't mention anything like this when you make the flower purchase.

Miamisburg, Ohio, United States #776854

We received a magazine, which we had not ordered. We believe it was after a purchase we made through 'From You Flowers'. We filed a BBB complaint.

Hyde Park, Vermont, United States #742611

The previous posters are correct. My information was sold to by From You Flowers.

I started by contacting the magazine and told them not to send me any more issues. I then contacted Valuemags at 1-800-303-0344 and told them the same thing. I then reviewed the privacy statement on the From You Flowers website. They mentioned that they may also pass their customers' credit card information on to their associates.

No thanks. I wanted to avoid any future drama, so I called my credit card company and had them issue me a new card with a new number. That way, if From You Flowers or Valuemags gets it into their heads that they want to bill me in the future, they will have credit card information that is no longer valid. I then sent a strongly-worded e-mail to From You Flowers telling them that they just lost a customer.

They didn't seem to give a hoot. They sent me back a standard form e-mail thanking me for my "inquiry" and reminding me that they are there for me 24-7. Pfffffff. Not this gal.

I'm off to the Better Business Bureau and my state's Attorney General's office next. Best of luck to others going through the same thing.

The comments left by the other posters helped me a lot.


Your credit card WILL BE charged for the item(s) not ordered. They'll tell you, "You'll have a chance to cancel when current subscribtion runs out etc".

You'll NEVER get a chance to cancell anything. Best to call your card company and tell them you lost your card.

Ask that the account card number be changed on the new card. Scams are the present way to do things on the internet.

Dudley, Massachusetts, United States #738626

I'm having the same issue! My personal information was illegally provided to ValueMags by and they started sending me a magazine I never ordered.

I called to have them stop the subscription and remove my information from their database.

What response did I get? They HUNG UP on me!

Asheville, North Carolina, United States #675563

I received Redbook through believe it was from a "flowers for you" order I placed. The Hearst customer service line is 1 800 888 2665....the representative cancelled the subscription so I won't get any more.

The number is 800 303 0344...the recording at that number directs you to their website and you can contact them through that. The charge card I used to buy the flowers was NOT billed by valuemags, but it worries me that they had my name, address and email address.

I got "Essence" and "Women's Health" yesterday in the mail. Neither of which I ordered.

Essence is about empowering African American women. Which I think is great except I am not an African American woman. Called Essence and the man, while very nice, told me I had to call valuemags. I see someone else ordered through ELF cosmetics.

That is the only similarities I see and I am very frustrated that ELF did this. :(
to Frustrated #755747

I also got "Essence" magazine and i thought it was very strange because, as you said its about empowering African American women, which I am not in that demographic. I called both Essence Mag, and Value Mags to cancel, who informed me that it was ordered through ELF cosmetics. I will be contacting ELF cosmetics next.


I too have received parents magazine, 58, no children! Parents mag gave me a phone for which I will call and see where this gets me.

The tel # given 800-303-0344 .

I have ordered flowers from "for you flowers" not sure if they are associated with "pro flowers" as others have stated. Since its the weekend, I guess I have to wait until Monday but let all know what I find out.


I too have been scammed by this; all of a sudden I am receiving the magazine InStyle which I NEVER ordered nor do I want it! I called InStyle and they say that "can't" cancel it which is totally ABSURD and told me to call

The number they give you is just a recording as well as one other # I found online. You are just referred to their website...I refuse to give them any information they don't already have! They don't even have my first name spelled correctly. There are hundreds of these complaints against online and I just don't understand how they keep getting away with this scam...THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!

I have read a couple of complaints that say they have received some satisfaction by filing a complaint with BBB so that is my next move.

I will also file complaints with my State Attorney General and the Attorney General in the state they are located in if I can find that out. Heaven help them if they EVER send me a bill!

to daktari #799466

I have the same problem! I know this is late, but did you get your problem taken are of? Also did you end up getting charged?

I received Parents magazine and a few weeks later my daughter received Ladies Home Journal. I sent the emails on both saying I did not request this magazine and will not pay for the magazine.

What bothers me the most is not that this is obviously a sleazy business, but that these reputable magazines would allow their magazines to be part of this scam. :(
I keep receiving "all you" magazine renewal letters. I never herd of that magazine.

I never even received a magazine. I tried to cancel "my" subscription but it wouldn't let me because it said it was ordered by Value Mags and I have to contact them now. I was reading some of the comments and now I have an idea of where they might have got my information from. ELF ( make-up page.

I'm so upset!

This is ridiculous & a waste of my time! :(

At this point, i still don't know how i got tie with this company~ I need to figure out the source and stop it forever, I hate companies that do these shady things to customers~~~ Don't offer me anything that i didn't ask for, dang it






I too have been scammed..I am receiving All About You magazine... I received just one copy of the magazine, and the following month I was asked to renew for one year..The same All Pro Flowers connection...

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